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Practice Areas

Business Representation: Brack & Westee, P.C. serves a wide variety of types and sizes of businesses and concentrates its practice on the following:
Criminal Law
Traffic Violations

Brack & Westee, P.C. handles only retained misdemeanor, drunk driving (DUI/), traffic violations, and felony cases which the firm selects in Georgia courts.  The firm’s criminal practice is not overloaded with court appointed cases, leaving you with “assembly line” justice.  The firm will devote its time to the defense of your case and will give it the full attention it deserves.  The firm believes that every person charged with a crime is entitled to a thorough defense under our system of justice. 


Brack & Westee, P.C. will review all aspects of your case to attempt to achieve an acquittal in the case or to obtain the best deal possible on your behalf.  It is important to have legal counsel as early as possible in a case because in many cases, evidence is gathered directly from the citizen who may not know it is happening or may not know that he or she has a constitutional right to say “no” to the police and to consult an attorney before offering evidence against himself or herself. 


Brack & Westee, P.C. ‘s representation may involve some or all of the following stages of a case: pre-arrest representation, bond representation, pretrial investigation, civil forfeitures/condemnation, motion practice, plea negotiation, trial, sentencing, and appeals/post-trial remedies.


Specifically, in drunk driving (DUI) cases, most of the information set forth above applies.  In addition, did you know that the field sobriety tests (alcosensor, HGN, walk the line, finger to nose, etc.) are voluntary tests, and that a citizen has a right to refuse these tests?  (However, the refusal may in some cases be later used in evidence).  Did you also know that you have a right to an independent test of your choosing once you have taken the state’s test?  Did you know that in most cases you must send a request for hearing to the administrative unit of the State within ten (10) days after the date of arrest or you driver’s license may be suspended even before you go to Court and even before you are convicted of the offense?  You should seek legal counsel immediately after a DUI arrest in order to preserve all of your rights.  Brack & Westee, P.C. is well equipped to represent you in all phases of a DUI case.



Construction Law and Litigation


The firm represents builders, developers, and other construction professionals in many aspects of the construction process. The lawyers at Brack & Westee, P.C. are familiar with the building standards and have a large number of construction and engineering experts able to consult them on any negligent construction case. While most clients consult Brack & Westee, P.C., because they need skilled litigators, the firm's attorneys also assist clients with issues such as code compliance, zoning, and integral transactional


Commercial and Business Law

Brack & Westee, P.C., provides a wide variety of services to local business clients as well as companies from other regions. With significant experience in commercial litigation and business transactions, the attorneys of the firm possess a broad range of relevant expertise both in and out of the courtroom. Brack & Westee, P.C. is not a stranger to the bankruptcy courtroom. When a bankruptcy complicates business, the firm is well versed and experienced to fight for a creditor’s rights and protect the client’s financial concerns.  Although the cornerstone of the firm’s commercial and business practice concentrates on trial work, Brack & Westee, P.C., recognizes the significance of offering cost effective avenues to achieve a client’s legal problem. As alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the form of arbitration continues to grow as a standard method for resolving corporate disputes, the firm's attorneys are trained and experienced in ADR and can determine what strategies meet a client's goals. 



Corporate Law


- Brack & Westee, P.C.  handles most corporate matters. The lawyers at the firm are able to assist clients with not only the formation of a business entity (corporations, partnerships, limited liability corporations, joint ventures, along with all other corporate entities available) but determine which corporate entities best satisfies their needs. Should the need arise, the firm also handles corporate litigation.


Individual Representation: All too often the personal concerns of business owners and individuals closely associated with them are not taken seriously. Brack & Westee, P.C. realizes the personal and legal concerns of people. As such, Brack & Westee, P.C represents individuals in the following areas:



Personal Injury

Brack & Westee, P.C., represents individuals involved in controversies alleging a wrong or damage to another person resulting from intentional misconduct or negligence, including but not limited to controversies arising in the areas of automobile collisions, large truck collisions, premises liability, product liability, disputes with insurance companies (life, health, auto), and other areas in which an injury occurs.  The firm's lawyers also handle medical malpractice claims and can help clients determine whether or not malpractice has occurred where someone is injured or killed due to the negligence of a hospital, doctor, or their staff.  In addition, the firm also handles claims for wrongful death.  The firm's attorneys are also skilled at determining and pursuing legal malpractice.  If you, a loved one, a friend or an acquaintance have been injured, or if a loved one, friend or acquaintance has died as the result of an accident, you should contact Brack & Westee, P.C. to determine whether or not a claim exists against another person or company for compensation.  


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